Manheim PA Wraps Up Spring Sale Event with Charity Gala

Ending its month-long Xtreme Spring Sale Event with a bang, Manheim Pennsylvania held the 100 Grander, Ultra Highline and Classic Car sale this past week, with the proceeds benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project — an organization providing aid to injured servicemen and women.

Nearly 4,000 dealers attended the sale which featured the auction of a 2011 Jeep Wrangler and other prizes. And all dealers attending the function donated a minimum of $25 to the WWP.

Moreover, the auction ended the event with charity gala that was attended by nearly 600 dealers and raised $50,000 to benefit the WWP, officials shared.

“We’re extremely proud to simultaneously bring back the 100 Grander Sale Event after ten years and to help a very worthy cause,” said Tim Van Dam, Manheim Pennsylvania vice president and general manager.

“The Manheim Pennsylvania team pulled off the best promotional month in its history! It was very exciting!” he continued.

And representatives from the WWP expressed their gratitude, as well.

“I want to thank everyone at Cox Enterprises and Manheim, especially the crew at Manheim Pennsylvania, for all of their hard work throughout the week in making this such a wonderful and flawless event,” said Christopher Yasher, WWP alumni.

“The Wounded Warrior Project is extremely grateful for this generous contribution that helps injured service members and provides services to meet their needs,” Yasher added.

And highlighting the auction’s Xtreme Spring Sale Event,  it started March 1 with promotions and lane changes at their regular Friday auctions.

“These lane changes were put in place to help smaller dealers get numbers at this in-demand auction house,” officials noted.

For example, one of these changes was the the introduction of the “Quad-Zone!” — which brought four  lanes together for what the company called “an intense buying experience.”

“It is an innovative way for dealers to use Manheim Pennsylvania’s two lanes with double-facing auction blocks,” officials further explained.

Furthermore, the auction also gave away one car a week during the event, as well as other giveaways.

“Manheim Pennsylvania was the ideal place for an event of this magnitude,” said Susie Heins, Manheim dealer sales vice president.

“We mobilized Manheim’s 250-plus Field Sales Team, enabling our dealers to buy or send units any way they choose – via mobile, digitally or attending the sale personally,” she concluded.

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