Edmunds.com Unveils Best Retained Value Awards

April 19, 2012

Edmunds.com announced its second annual Best Retained Value Awards, which recognize the brands and new models that have the highest projected residual value after five years expressed as a percentage of the site’s True Market Value when sold new.

Headlining the winners revealed on Wednesday were Honda, which won the 2012 brand award for non-luxury makes for the second consecutive year, along with Acura, which took home the luxury brand award for the first time.

Edmunds.com found that Honda’s average projected retained value after five years is 47.9 percent, while Acura’s average projected retained value is 44.6 percent.

In each case, analysts explained the percentage is based on the average five-year retained value of the automaker’s 2012 models that launched prior to the end of 2011.

“Honda has long had a reputation for dependable used vehicles, and that is reflected in today’s booming used car market,” stated Joe Spina, director of remarketing at Edmunds.com.

“And with Acura beating out all other luxury brands, Honda’s family of vehicles continues to expand the company’s status as one of the best values available to car buyers today,” Spina continued.

Edmunds.com named a total of 23 winners in segments ranging from “Sedans Under $20,000” to “Large Heavy Duty Trucks.”

Ford led all OEMs with five model-level awards, followed by Honda with four.

All model year 2012 vehicles that were launched by the end of 2011 and that had unit sales in February that were at least 20 percent of the average unit sales for the models in its segment were eligible for this year’s model-level Best Retained Value Awards.

Edmunds.com determined each model’s competitive segment based on its body type and the sales-weighted average MSRP of all available styles (excluding destination charges) of that model’s body type.

Analysts added all makes that had more than 100,000 unit sales in 2011 were eligible for this year’s brand-level Best Retained Value Awards.

Besides the Best Retained Value Awards given annually, Edmunds.com’s other award campaigns include the True Cost to Own Awards and the Technology Breakthrough Award.

2012 Edmunds.com Best Retained Value Awards

  Category    Model    Retained Value 
  Compact Truck  Toyota Tacoma   57.3%
  Convertible $35,000-$45,000   Lexus IS 250 C   46.8%
  Convertible Over $45,000   Ford Shelby GT500   46.5%
  Convertible Under $35,000   Mini Cooper   48.9%
  Coupe $25,000-$35,000   Ford Mustang   46.8%
  Coupe $35,000-$45,000   BMW 3 Series   44.0%
  Coupe Over $45,000   Ford Shelby GT500   47.5%
  Coupe Under $25,000   Mini Cooper   50.0%
  Hybrid   Honda Civic   46.1%
  Large Heavy Duty Truck   Ford F-350 Super Duty   48.6%
  Large Light Duty Truck   Ford F-150   48.4%
  Sedan $20,000-$30,000   Subaru Impreza   45.3%
  Sedan $30,000-$40,000   Lexus IS 250   46.3%
  Sedan Over $40,000   Cadillac CTS   42.0%
  Sedan Under $20,000   Honda Civic   50.0%
  SUV $25,000-$35,000   Honda CR-V   54.6%
  SUV $35,000-$45,000   GMC Acadia   46.0%
  SUV Over $45,000   Acura MDX   44.2%
  SUV Under $25,000   Subaru Forester   44.6%
  Vans   Honda Odyssey   43.5%
 Wagon $25,000-$35,000  Mini Cooper Countryman  48.5%
 Wagon Over $35,000  BMW 3 Series  42.7%
 Wagon Under $25,000  Scion xB  47.3%



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