Are Pushrods Old or Smart?

In these times, where every engine in modern cars has overhead cams, why does Corvette still have push rods? This is a common question we get from new Corvette buyers. Is it because GM is slow to change, or is there a good logical reason?

corvette pushrods

When you look at the push rod design, you can instantly notice a few things. #1 the engine is not as tall as an over head cam engine. #2 the engine is shorter. #3 it is less complicated. It turns out a push rod engine, can also produce a lot of low-end torque, this is what makes a car accelerate, and is a good thing for sports cars. The downside is that the red line is lower.

Other advantages of a push rod engine is that they are simpler, less expensive to produce and sit lower in the engine bay (lowering the center of gravity of the entire car). With far fewer moving parts that could break over time, the Corvette V8 is famous for its reliability and durability.

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