66 Vette Falls Off Trailer and Miraculously Survives With a Scratch

There’s lucky, and then there’s this. By some miracle, this ’66 Corvette managed to roll of a trailer at 70mph and into a ditch without ending in disaster. Corvette forum member Sonny557 tells the tale:

Me and my wife Dianna took a weekend trip for our 34th anniversary to San Antonio. On the return trip we passed an older gentleman in a Lincoln Continental towing a trailer with his ’66 ‘vette on it. Well, traffic was stop and go for at least twenty miles, so we passed him, he passed us, no big deal. BUT, we finally got past the congestion and passed him again, I mentioned to my wife his straps and chain seemed kinda flimsy. As I was saying this we just passed the front of his car when I look in my rear view mirror to see his ‘vette is unloading down hwy I-35 North at approximately 70 mph !!! So I’m watching in my mirror as his ’66 is rolling along the highway with no driver!!! It slowly reaches the grassy part of the shoulder and slows down somewhat before going into a concrete drain and goes on for several more feet before coming to a stop. Miraculously only the whitewall had a major scuff mark on it, the car had no scratches or rash!!

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